Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Recap of my Head's Up Tourney Win on 10/13/05

Oh man, I was so excited after my win last night I could hardly sleep. This was a few different firsts for me: My firs pokerstars win, my first heads up win, my first pocketfives open win, my first win against a field of top players. Before I recap my tourney, I want to say a few things. First, thank you to ALL of you (and there were a lot) who were railbirding cheering me on. Your support NO QUESTION helped me win. Second, what a goddamn league I run. You guys played great. Yogiblair and I (both leaguers from the beginning) almost made it heads up for the title, but we both placed in the top 3. Also, in the final 8, there were FOUR league members. I guess it made sense, since all we do for 6 hours a week is practice short handed and late stage tourney play together, but I am impressed and proud of all of you who played. Finally Id like to thank rojaz for being such a good sport. Right after I sucked out on him to win, he said congratulations and posted a very nice message in Adams thread about the win. I hope I can be so gracias when someone beats me in that manner. Thanks for being a good sport and giving me a great game!Now onto my phenominal win!!Match #1- CHOIR This guy was sitting out, so after waiting 4 or 5 hands to see if he would show up, I started playing. When it got down to where he was all in in the BB, he won 4 hands in a row..hahaha...I thought that might be a bit of forshaddowing...lol!Match #2- SassierTexanDispite being extremly hot, I really just ran over her. I dont think the match lasted 10 minutes and it might have been more like 5. I was never behind and just played pure aggression. Honestly my cards in this match didnt even matter. She was nice and gracious in defeat and I just said gg and went back to playing the League tourney until my next match. Match #3- JayBizzle8This was FAR AND AWAY my toughest match. This was also where the support for you railbirds really helped (again, cant thank you enough). I started out going up a little till I took a HUGE beat with A-10 against A-9 to get down to around 3k (he had 9k at this point). I got back up to 12 and make a bad read to be back down to 2500. At this point I had pretty much resigned myself to losing the match, I even said something like "I suck, JayBizzle is going to win"...until...all you railbirds were like "dont give up super", "plenty of time sup", "you can do it sup". I then put on a fucking poker clinic. Going all in till I got back to about 5k, stole some pots up to about 7k. *EDIT* after talking to JayBizzle, he corrected me on one hand...I got all in pre with QJ and he had K-9, I caught a Q on the turn. It was only slightly worse than a coinflip, but I want to make sure I get it right!Match #4- purchasingcoOh man, I feel a little bad about this one. Not that I put a beat on him, but I was pretending that I couldnt figure out how to show my cards and I was "telling" him what I had...LOL...I was enjoying this so much, I kept it up for the rest of the tourney...LOL....again, pretty much ran this table. I think I might have lost one big pot and been down a little...but this was another fairly quick match. Match #5- Jjang84I dont really remember much about this match other than he was a really nice guy. We were joking around a lot and he kept saying "I think Im getting played here" LOL...This match took a little longer, we went back and forth We played about 15 5k pots, Id say I won 8 he won 7...lol. Finally I stole a REALLY big pot and put it away not long after...ggMatch#6-Darnell50This was the match I was most worried about when I saw him sit down. I knew he was a good player. I also knew I was a good player. So I adopted a slightly different strategy...I call it "fuck you". LOL...I wanted every bet I made to say "Fuck you, you wanna play, lets play" I wanted him to know that any raise he made, could make him play for all his chips. As a result, he didnt raise much preflop, maybe double the blinds. I would raise I would say 70% of the time and win. I had won so many small pots that way, that when he reraised, id move in and let him make a decision. Most of the time it was fold..haha. I was winning so many pots that I actually folded AQ once to his preflop raise because I knew I could steal 7 or 8 of the next 10 unraised or min-raised pots. I played my set of 8's (I think) beauitfully to end this match...gg *EDIT* Ok, Im a donk and get these matches mixed up a little. Apparently I ended darnell50's match when his top pair ran into my overpair of JJ...sorry AGAIN..lol..one of these days my memory will work..Championship Match- RojazThis one was another battle initially...trading 10 or 15k pots back and fourth. Finally he had me down to like 50K to 150K for him. I battled back, literally STEALING pot after pot with raw aggression. There were 3 or 4 25k pots and one 75k pot and I won them ALL with absolutly nothing. The very last hand was where karma kicked in...even though I won, I took a HUGE bad beat against JayBizzle8 in match 3. Here I had pocket nines and raised and called a reraise preflop. The flop came blank-bank-8. I bet out, got raised, reraised, got reraised and finally moved in. Rojaz called. He had KK...a 9 came on the turn and I had won. He did laugh a little and say how bad of a beat it was, but no name calling, no screaming fit...just a little aggrivation. However, I do want to point out my thinking here. I had seen him make a big reraise with TPTK before AND I had literally been pushing him around. I thought the combination of these things would make him overplay two overcards or top pair or even an underpair like 44 or 55. Although, even if I had lost that hand, which I should have, I would have had 30K left. Even though thats a big underdog, I have to be honest, I wasnt worried. I really thought I could still win even with just 30k...all those played into my decision to go all in. Glad I did :-) Good game to everyone I played against and thank you for the opportunity. Feel free to use this thread to ask any questions about my play, Ill be happy to answer them. Thanks to the Leaugers for rooting me on and to pocketfives for having the tourney. This was great!!


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